What Type of Career Test is Right For You...

A Career Test is a tool that is designed to help you discover which careers are a good fit for you.

There several different types of Career Tests. Some work better than others.

We will explain how they work and which ones can help you the most. Some are much more powerful and effective that others. Some seem more like party games than credible psychological instruments that can help put your career on track.

  • Career Interest Test
  • Career Aptitude Test
  • Personality Test
  • Parachute Test

Career Interest Test

A Career Test that determines what types of work and activities you are interested in is known as a Career Interest Test. This type of Career Test can help point the way to a career you can be passionate about.

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This type of Career Test has been around since the 1970's. The original technology was developed by Dr John Holland. He called it a Career Interest Inventory and created a tool called the Self-Directed Search.

In fact, this tool was used in middle schools to help students develop ideas for their career direction.

Dr Holland showed that all work can be divided into six categories represented by the letters:


This type of Career Test asks you 100 to 200 questions. You get a score for each of the six types of work. The highest scoring two or three types becomes your "Holland Code." This is also known as your "Career Type."

You can then look up your Holland Code in a list of careers to see which one's match.

How they built the first lists of careers and matched them to the Holland Code is interesting. They found people who loved their careers and who were very good at what they were doing. Then they assigned the Holland Codes of those people to the careers they found to be so satisfying.

There are a number of places on the internet that offer a Career Test that will give you your Holland Code. Perhaps the original site that has been offering this type of Career Test since 1998 is www.CareerPlanner.com.

Expect to pay a small fee for a Career Test and a Report. There are free Career Tests, but like anything else in this world, you get what you pay for. When you are using this information to make big decisions that will affect the rest of your life, go for the best.

Career Aptitude Test

An aptitude test will determine if you have the basic ability to perform a task well.

You can take aptitude tests for the following:

  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Hearing and pitch
  • Special visualization
  • Math

We have not found any really good aptitude tests on the web. We suspect many, such as the a hearing test for proper pitch, may have to be administered in person.

But more importantly, "aptitude" can be a highly misleading when it comes to selecting a career. Take Albert Einstein for example. He did extremely poorly in school. He even had some trouble with math. In school it looked like he had very little aptitude, yet he revolutionized the world of physics.

We do think that having a strong interest or passion for a subject is a better predictor of success and satisfaction than aptitude is.

Personality Test / Psychological Type Test

You might ask yourself what "Personality" has to do with finding your perfect career.

We normally think of personality meaning is a person friendly, unfriendly, mean, nice, cranky or what. But Personality goes way beyond that.

In fact there is an entire science built around something called "Personality Type" or "Psychological Type."

You may have heard of something called your "Myers-Briggs Personality Type."

It all started with Carl Gustav Jung a famous Swiss Psychologist. Jung determined that there were some basic patterns to personalities. He studied these and wrote about it in Psychological Types , originally published in 1923.

Isabel Myers took Jung's work and by observing people she identified 16 fundamentally different Personality Types. Then she built a test to determine which of the 16 types a person has.

So what does this have to do with careers?

Myers' original motivation for developing her system was to help place people into the correct job during World War 2. With all the people going off to fight the war, factories here in the US had a shortage of workers.

When developing her test she statistically match up people's personality types with the types of jobs they were good at. This formed the basis for the link between Personality Type and Careers.

Since the 1950's over 75 million people in over 30 countries have take her Personality Test and there have been over 50 books published describing each of the types. Many of these books also show you which careers match each Personality Type.

There are many web sites that offer some sort of Personality Type Testing, but when it comes to matching up Personality Type and Careers we suggest Free Personality Test also at www.CareerPlanner.com, and their Advanced Personality Type Career Report, which does have a fee. This report will explain personality type as it relates to your type, and then it will provide career advice and a list of matching careers. It also provides a list of careers that are NOT a good match.

We also recommend a book entitled Do What You Are, by Paul Tieger and Barbara Baron Tieger who are both considered experts in the field of Myers Briggs Personality Type. This book will describe Personality Types as related to careers. They show real life examples which can be very helpful.

Finally, if you wanted to read something from Isabel Briggs Myers herself, we suggest:

Gifts Differing, Understanding Personality Type by Isabel Briggs Myers.


What Color is Your Parachute Career Test

Richard Bolles, the God Father of Career Coaching and author of What Color is Your Parachute, developed several exercises to help people figure out what they really want to do for a living.

You can find these exercises in his book.

Here is what is so amazing about Dick's book. It's been revised and published just about every year since 1970. Once a year starting about august you can expect to see a new colorful version of What Color is Your Parachute on the tables and shelves in your local bookstore. There are very few books that are considered good enough to re-publish every year.

We also recommend Richard Bolles web site: http://www.jobhuntersbible.com/